How to Become a Private Jet Broker | Step-by-Step Guide

industry knowledge tips Aug 23, 2023
Private Jet


Becoming a private jet broker can be very lucrative and rewarding. If helping High Net Worth Individuals buy and sell private jets intrigues you, here’s a guide to becoming a private jet broker.


Step 1: Choose Your Path: Independent VS. Work for a Brokerage

Before embarking on this exciting journey, you must decide whether you want to start your own brokerage or work under the wing of an established private jet broker.


  • Starting your own Private Jet Brokerage:

    Starting your own business can be rewarding as it provides autonomy and potentially higher profits. However, setting up your business requires an upfront investment and getting all the tools and subscriptions you need to provide your service. You must also build a client base from scratch and navigate all the challenges involved with entrepreneurship. 


  • Working for a Brokerage:

    Joining an established brokerage can provide you with invaluable training, immediate access to a broad client network, and the advantage of a recognized brand. The trade-off might be limited freedom and a fixed salary or commission-based pay.


Step 2: Build a Solid Foundation 

Regardless of your chosen path, it would be best if you had a strong foundation in specific areas:


  • Industry Knowledge:

    You must understand the types of private jets, their features, range, maintenance needs, and associated costs. Understanding the ins and outs of aircraft maintenance and the regulatory standards that apply to private jets would also be beneficial. You can gain this knowledge by enrolling in our Aircraft Broker Course 


  • Market Awareness:

    Familiarize yourself with the market dynamics – which jets are in demand, price fluctuations, and emerging trends.  


  • Sales & Networking Skills:

    This profession is built on relationships. The ability to communicate effectively, negotiate, and build lasting relationships is crucial. 


  • Background in Relevant Fields:

    A sales, finance, business, or aviation history can give you a significant edge. Such experience equips you with transferable skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to the aircraft sales business. Also, they might require these skills if you want to work for an established.  


Step 3. Research licensing requirements 

You don't need an FAA license to become a private jet broker in the United States. However, some states mandate obtaining a state license or permit if you want to start a business selling airplanes. Depending on the state, there might be requirements to register your brokerage, mainly for tax collection purposes. For example, aircraft brokers in Florida must register with the department to collect tax. Some states require a surety bond; for example, Arizona brokers must provide a surety bond of $10,000 to the state. This acts as insurance, ensuring the broker will adhere to contractual agreements and state regulations. 


Step 4: Establish Your Reputation

Trust is paramount in this industry. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for years, always prioritize:


  • Transparency:

    Always provide clear, honest, and detailed information to both sellers and buyers. 


  • Integrity:

    Stick to ethical business practices and maintain confidentiality.   


  • Professionalism:

    Offer excellent customer service, be punctual, and uphold high standards. 


Step 5: Continue Learning and Networking

The world of private jets is dynamic. New aircraft models, evolving consumer preferences, and shifts in economic conditions can all impact the market. As a broker:


  • Stay Updated:

    Regularly attend industry seminars, workshops, and air shows. 


  • Join Associations:

    Organizations like the GLADA (Global Licensed Aircraft Dealers Association), NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) offer resources, training, and networking opportunities. 


  • Build Relationships:

    Cultivate strong ties with aircraft manufacturers, financiers, maintenance facilities, and other stakeholders. 


In conclusion, while becoming a private jet broker can be challenging, it's also incredibly rewarding. With passion, continuous learning, and dedication, you can soar high in the skies of success.


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