What is the difference between a Private Jet Charter Broker and a Private Jet Broker?

industry knowledge Jan 25, 2023
Differences Between Private Jet Charter Broker and Private Jet Broker


After talking with many people interested in becoming brokers and starting their own businesses in the aviation industry, I noticed that the difference between "Private Jet Charter Broker" and "Private Jet Broker" is not well understood. While they seem similar, these two professions provide different services regarding brokering, so let's have a closer look at the differences. 


Private Jet Charter Brokers 


A private jet charter broker is essentially an intermediary between customers who need private jet flights and Part 135 companies that provide aircraft charters. Charter brokers are responsible for finding an appropriate aircraft for your flight based on your needs and requirements. They also negotiate with the operator on behalf of their clients to get the best possible deals when booking private jet flights. Additionally, charter brokers are highly knowledgeable about regulations related to chartering an aircraft, ensuring that everything is in order before taking off. 


Private Jet Brokers 


Unlike charter brokers, private jet brokers are responsible for helping buyers find the perfect plane that meets their needs and assisting sellers in finding the right buyer for their aircraft. They will also help with all the paperwork associated with buying or selling a plane, such as title transfers, insurance, contracts, etc. In addition, they can provide guidance on aircraft financing and assist with any technical issues related to the purchase or sale of a plane.  

Aircraft brokers typically have extensive knowledge about different types of planes and aircraft maintenance requirements. They also understand aviation regulations and can help ensure that all transactions comply with relevant laws. Furthermore, they are familiar with the local market conditions so that they can advise on pricing strategies for buyers and sellers. 



Understanding the difference between private jet charter brokers and private jet brokers can help you decide which profession is right for you, when looking to start your own business in the aviation industry. If you are interested in becoming a Private Jet Broker at Aircraft Broker Academy, we provide all the required training and tools to start your brokerage. 


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