From Aircraft Mechanic to Successful Aircraft Broker: The Journey of Hulises Rodriguez with Aircraft Broker Academy

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Hulises Rodriguez


Hulises Rodriguez's journey in the aviation industry is one marked by determination, adaptability, and a strong desire to succeed. Born and raised in California, Hulises embarked on his aviation career as an aircraft mechanic at the age of 19 when he discovered he would be a father. With a growing family to support, he had no choice but to find a way to make a living. Little did he know that this decision would lead him to start an aircraft maintenance company called Exquisite Aviation, Inc. to earn his pilot's license and venture into aircraft sales. Before joining the Aircraft Broker Academy (ABA), Hulises had already accumulated 15 years of experience as an A&P/IA, working with various aviation companies ranging from commercial airlines to private jets. However, his journey into the world of aircraft sales was a new and unfamiliar territory.


Challenges Before Joining ABA:

Before Hulises joined ABA, he faced several challenges that were hindering his progress in the aircraft sales business:

  • Lack of Knowledge: 

    Hulises didn't know that being an aircraft broker didn't require an FAA license, and he needed more experience in this field.
  • Pricing and Services:

    He needed clarification about determining the appropriate fees for broker services and the various aspects of the sales process.
  • Contracts and Agreements:

    Hulises had no structured approach to aircraft sales, lacking professional contracts, documents, and agreements for clients.
  • Limited Guidance:

    Without a mentor or proper training, he lacked the guidance to navigate the aircraft sales industry confidently. 



How ABA Helped Address Challenges:

Upon joining ABA, Hulises found the support and guidance he needed to overcome these challenges:

  • Confidence and Knowledge:

    ABA provided Hulises with the confidence to approach clients with a solid plan and the knowledge to execute aircraft transactions professionally.
  • Professional Documents:

    With the course, he gained access to essential documents, contracts, and agreements needed to sell or help clients locate aircraft.
  • Electronic Documentation:

    ABA taught him how to create and manage electronic documents, streamlining the paperwork process for clients.
  • Mentorship:

    Hulises benefited from the experiences and mentorship of Alex (ABA's Founder and instructor), who also has a successful career as an aircraft broker and shared invaluable insights.  


"With ABA’s help, I gained the confidence to approach clients with a successful plan and mentorship from someone who has done it before. I have the documents I need to provide documents to clients professionally. I learned how to create and edit documents to be signed electronically. I gained knowledge from the experiences Alex has had throughout his career." - Hulises Rodriguez.


Why He Chose to Join ABA:

Hulises chose ABA over other options because he recognized the personal touch and depth of knowledge that Alex offered. The academy's approach was not merely about selling a course but providing comprehensive guidance on starting a successful aircraft brokerage business.


"I found ABA on google and everything Alex explained sounded perfect, so I decided to have a talk with Alex. I found another broker academy online but did not have the personal touch that Alex offers. I can tell from speaking with Alex and listening to some of his stories that he’s very knowledgeable and is not selling a course just to help someone get by in being an aircraft broker. He honestly gave more knowledge than I expected." - Hulises Rodriguez.


Current Results from ABA's Teachings:

Since enrolling in ABA's course, Hulises has seen significant progress in his aircraft brokerage venture:

  • Client Acquisition:

    He secured three clients quickly, thanks to the techniques and strategies he learned from the course.
  • Listings:

    Within one month of joining the academy Hulises listed three airplanes for sale on Trade-A-Plane and Controller.
  • Sales:

    By the second month, he sold two airplanes and made over $10,000, demonstrating the effectiveness of the methods taught by ABA. 


Hulises Rodriguez's journey from aircraft mechanic to aircraft broker, with the help of the Aircraft Broker Academy, showcases the transformative power of education, mentorship, and passionate pursuit of one's goals in the aviation industry. His story is an inspiring example for aspiring aircraft brokers seeking to make their mark in the field. To learn more about Hulises and his brokerage, check out his website:


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