Do you need a license to become an Aircraft Broker?

education Mar 10, 2024
Do I Need A License To Become An Aircraft Broker?


Unlike other aviation professionals, such as aircraft mechanics and pilots, you don't need a license or certification from the FAA to work as an aircraft broker. You also don't need a college degree, though it certainly couldn't hurt, especially if it is related to aviation. However, If you are planning to start your own business helping clients buy and sell aircraft in the USA, some states require an Aircraft Dealer License. So, let's take a look at what you need to get started.


If you're interested in becoming an aircraft broker, you first need to understand the role that aircraft brokers play in the aviation industry. Aircraft brokers act as middlemen between buyers and sellers of private jets and other planes. In other words, if someone wants to buy a jet, they will contact an aircraft broker to help them find the right airplane at the right price. Similarly, someone who wants to sell their jet will also contact an aircraft broker for assistance.



While you don't need a certification or a college degree to become an aircraft broker, you must gain in-depth knowledge about the aviation industry. This means understanding an aircraft's sales process and maintenance-related topics. Additionally, it's also important to have strong people skills and the willingness to go above and beyond to provide a hassle-free transaction. Enrolling in an aircraft broker course is an excellent way to acquire this knowledge. For example, at Aircraft Broker Academy, we teach our students everything they need to know to become successful aircraft brokers and run their businesses.


Once you have completed your training, if you want to start your own aircraft brokerage you might have to apply for an Aircraft Dealer Licence, file a surety bond, or register with your state as an Aircraft Dealer to collect tax. For example, in the state of Florida, Aircraft Brokers are required to register with the department of revenue as aircraft dealers even though they may not have the aircraft in their possession and only act as the middleman between the buyer and seller. In Arizona, you must obtain an Aircraft Dealer License and file a surety bond for $10,000 according to ARS 28-8381, 28-8382, and 28-8384. In Washignton state, you must apply for an Aircraft Dealer License and file a surety bond for $25,000, according to Chapter 14.20 RCWSo, you might want to research your state laws before you start your business. Also, remember that this is not applicable if you want to work for an established brokerage. 


So, there you have it! You don't need an FAA certificate or a college degree to become an aircraft broker. However, there are still some crucial boxes you will need to check if you plan to start your own aircraft brokerage. If you have a passion for aviation and strong negotiation skills, becoming an aircraft broker might be the perfect fit for you!


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