Case Study: Jean-Jacques Canarelli's Journey to Success with Aircraft Broker Academy

case studies success stories Aug 12, 2023
Jean-Jacques Canarelli


Jean-Jacques Canarelli, a 26-year-old native of Corsica, embarked on a promising career in the aviation industry after obtaining a bachelor's degree in business management. With a passion for aeronautics, he further specialized by pursuing a bachelor's degree in aeronautics, focusing on aircraft systems and turbine engines.


In 2016, Jean-Jacques secured a position as an aeronautical technician at Air Corsica, where he honed his skills and obtained his Part 66 EASA license. While working with the airline, he attained qualifications for the A320 CEO and NEO family aircraft and the ATR 42 and 72 series, including the 500 and 600 generations. Additionally, he acquired extensive engine qualifications, including LEAP-1A, CFM 56, and several Pratt & Whitney engines, such as PW127F and the new PW127XT.


Eager to explore new opportunities within the aviation industry, Jean-Jacques sought to broaden his horizons as an aircraft broker. Recognizing the limited information about this industry in Europe, he meticulously searched for a reputable organization to learn the ropes. Eventually, his path led him to Aircraft Broker Academy, an educational platform renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and supportive learning environment.


Aircraft Broker Academy proved to be a game-changer for Jean-Jacques. The academy provided him with a wealth of knowledge and equipped him with practical tools essential for success. From contract drafting and sales methodologies to the industry's nuances, ABA filled the gaps in his understanding. Armed with newfound expertise, he was ready to take on the challenges ahead.


With determination and professionalism, Jean-Jacques embraced the aircraft broker profession, leveraging his education from ABA to establish his own company C&L Aviation ( Meticulously implementing the teachings from the course, he soon began witnessing tangible results. In just one month, he launched his brokerage, secured two exclusive aircraft listings, and sold his first airplane, a 2018 Vans RV8 in just 28 days. Additionally, he advertised his brokerage in INFO-PILOTE MAGAZINE, the official magazine affiliated with the French Aviation Federation.


Jean-Jacques Canarelli's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of the Aircraft Broker Academy. With a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills, he navigated the challenges of starting a career as a broker and achieved remarkable success within a short timeframe. Through ABA's comprehensive training, Jean-Jacques gained the necessary expertise and demonstrated the power of determination, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence.


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