How to find new clients for your Aircraft Brokerage

tips Mar 22, 2023
How to find new clients for your Aircraft Brokerage


So, how do you find new clients for your aircraft brokerage? Then, you've come to the right place. Whether you're new to the business or have been in it for a while, getting new clients is essential. Fortunately, there are several tried and true methods you can use. Read on for our top tips.


Networking Events


Attending industry-related events and conferences is one of the best ways to get new clients for your aircraft brokerage. While at these events, make sure you mingle with as many people as possible. In addition, building relationships within the industry by attending networking events is a great way to increase your visibility and learn more about what other companies are doing. Therefore, we recommend you join the NBAA, EAA, and AOPA and participate in as many events as possible. You can also join the FAA Safety Team at no cost and attend seminars near you. Even though it is designed for pilots and mechanics to earn credits and promote safety, it is an excellent opportunity for aircraft brokers to meet aircraft owners and people interested in purchasing an aircraft.



Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is excellent for connecting with aircraft owners nationwide looking to sell their airplanes. The first step is to create a professional profile page that clearly outlines your services, contact information, and other relevant details about your brokerage. Regularly include images, videos, or other media so users can see you sell airplanes actively. Next, search "aircraft for sale" in the Facebook marketplace and PM the seller by providing your unique selling proposition and how you plan to sell their airplane. Closing your first client might take several attempts, but it works when you provide value and personalize the messages you send. At the end of the day, they are advertising in the least effective platform to market an aircraft and probably need better pictures, so there is plenty of value you can offer by offering to use better sites such as Trade-A-Plane or Controller for advertising and taking professional photos of the aircraft.



Facebook Groups


Another great way to find new clients for your aircraft brokerage is by joining Facebook groups related to aviation. For example, Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Airplanes For Sale, Aviation Lovers, etc., to mention a few. Potential buyers or sellers often post requesting assistance to find or sell an aircraft, which is an excellent opportunity to offer your services. You can also consider starting a new group. However, this requires more time since you must post valuable and relevant information regularly to gain followers. 




Referrals are one of the most effective ways of getting new clients for your aircraft brokerage business. Ask current customers if they know anyone interested in using your services, and be sure to thank them when they refer someone! Additionally, consider offering referral incentives such as gift cards or referral commissions – this could help encourage current customers to spread the word about your business and bring in more leads from their network.


Use JetNet


To sell jets and turboprops successfully, you must invest in JetNet. This platform will show off-market jets and turboprops with the owners' contact information. Then, once you've sharpened your cold-calling skills, you can contact these individuals and offer your services. To do this, you must gather intel on the market conditions for the specific make & model aircraft to offer your assistance to sell their airplane effectively, which you can find in JetNet.



Social Media Marketing

Social media is an effective tool to help you reach potential customers quickly and easily. Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube can help build awareness about your business among potential buyers and sellers alike. In addition, creating relevant and engaging content will go a long way in helping drive traffic back toward your website, where users can learn more about your services and contact you directly with any questions they may have. Tom Lelyo with JetLife is a great example to follow.


Getting new clients for an aircraft brokerage requires effort, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming! So, with these tips in mind, start putting together a plan today so that, soon enough, more people will know what makes your company unique!


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